Our purpose..
is to protect and foster the overall well being of the land in and surrounding the Ferguson Forest Centre, and to ensure that the users and the people of North Grenville gain the maximum enjoyment of everything this green space has to offer.

Our goal..
is to preserve this green space for future generations
and to ensure that our community continues to have access to this beautiful forest.

The Ferguson forest is bordered by County Road 43 to the south , the Kemptville Creek to the east, the Rideau river to the north and County road 44 to the west.

Our future..
is to ensure that the Ferguson Forest Centre continues to prosper by promoting activities within the forest and by promoting the FFC itself.

To identify the many different users of the land and to recommend a plan that considers and supports their interests
in a co-operative way.

To promote the creation of the Kemptville arboretum that will
provide a place of beauty for generations to come. This has already been professionally designed, but needs the support of the community in order to move forward.

To create a large involved membership that will help to improve the land and protect it by becoming a voice of strong influence in the community.